Day 41: Better Than Life (April 10th)

Reading: 2 Corinthians 6:11–13, Psalms 63:1

God cannot lie. It is impossible for Him to do so. While it seems that most Christians would agree with this fact, many of us have difficulty taking Him at His word. For if God tells us that His love is better than life itself, how should we respond? Truly if we believed that, would not our greatest pursuit in life be to know and abide in that love?

Psalms 63 makes a bold statement. It basically says, “Nothing in life is greater than knowing God’s love.” This includes falling in love, getting married, having a child, getting your dream job, performing in front of thousands of fans, winning the lottery, or winning any award. Nothing is as wonderful as knowing and experiencing God’s love.

Sadly, many of us are attempting to gain the love of the world. We would much rather pursue the lust of our eyes and body, and the pride of life. These three desires strangle out the ability to know God. And at the end of life, we still find ourselves empty, not finding the purpose and love that we desire.

But how wonderful it is for the Christian! We are the only ones who can completely understand the truth of God’s love. For this was the purpose of our creation: to love and be loved by our Creator. There is no greater joy than fulfilling our purpose while knowing the One that gave it to us.

God cannot lie. Happy is the man that knows this personally. For in doing so, he knows the truth that God’s love is better than life.

Prayer: Father, I thank you that your love is truly better than life. Just as my body thirsts for water, I also thirst for you. Please forgive me of the pride in my life and the sin that holds me back. Help me to continuously dwell in your love. Amen.

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