Day 43: What Matters Most (April 12th)

Reading: Psalms 15:1, Leviticus 10:3,Psalms 86:9

There are many key motivations for obedience to God. For one, we know that the God who loves us always has our best interests in heart. Obedience guarantees our protections from unprofitable evils and troubles. Also, when we keep the word of God, He always uses our obedience to bless others. Whether it is setting an example or a direct spiritual blessing, God uses us to have a positive impact on others. And then we are blessed. God opens to us opportunities to receive position, prominence, or possessions when we seek to honor His word. But as great as all these things are, none of them should be our number one motivation for obeying God.

What matters most is our desire to glorify God. To glorify means to “reveal, give honor, and exalt.” We are to obey God primarily because He is pleased and honored when we do so. The book of Corinthians chapter 10 says: Whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.

In order to seek God’s glory, at first we must have a proper understanding of His place in our life. First we realize that life is not about us, but about Him. The Bible says, all things were made by Him (Christ) and for Him. We are his sons, not the other way around. Secondly, we have been bought with a price. We are the legal possession of Christ. This should create the attitude of servitude. Everything we do we rightfully do unto Him as our Lord. And lastly, we love him. God is a Father who is merciful and compassionate. It should be one of our greatest desires to please Him and reveal Him to others by the things we do.

So why is it good to obey God? There are many reasons. But may the first reason in our hearts always be to glorify our Father.

Prayer: God, I ask you to open up opportunities in my life to bless those around me. I want to glorify you in all that I do so I can be your servant. May my attitudes and actions be pleasing and in obedience to you. Amen.

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