Day 44: Perfect Rest & Sleep (April 13th)

Reading: Proverbs 3:24, Psalms 127:5,Psalms 4:8

I’ve discovered the key to a good night’s sleep. After years of research on the subject, (lying on my back) I’ve realized that good sleep is not dependent on your mattress. The type of music you listen to cannot guarantee a peaceful slumber. A warm glass of milk only makes you have to go to the bathroom. And counting sheep usually leave you bored and more tiresome.

So, what is the secret you ask? I’m more than happy to share with you that they key to a peaceful sleep is simply a deep and abiding trust in God. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t because the one who created our bodies knows how go give it rest. And everything done in proper response to Him guarantees maximum utilization. All this comes from trusting in God.

Many times our lack or rest comes from inner conflict. We are worried about certain problems or overwhelmed by a series of emotions. With biblical knowledge of God, we understand that He is in control of all events. And when we trust Him, we can be certain that He is using all things for our good and this includes our difficulties and trials. When our distress comes from our emotions, it is the perfect time to remember the Word of God. The Holy Spirit works by the word of God to comfort us and to give us peace. When we remember what God says and we obey and trust Him, the Spirit will create in us the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

There are times when God will disrupt our sleep. He does this when we have sin issues in our life. The sin of unbelief in the unbeliever will cause God in His love to get the person thinking about what’s not right. The hope is that they will begin to seek God. Unfortunately, it causes men to seek sleep remedies such as pills and prescriptions while bypassing the major issue. When a believer is walking in disobedience or lack of faith, there will always be the feeling as if something is not right. When we acknowledge and confess our sin, to no surprise, God gives us the most peaceful rest. So how is your sleep today? Are you burdened by sin, or comforted within? Are you surrounded by the love of the Father when you arise, or distressed at the day ahead. Look to God in faith and obedience. He promises to give His children a peaceful and protected sleep.

Prayer: Father, thank you for this time of drawing close to you. I will treasure in my heart all the things that you showed me and I look forward to building on the things I have learned. Give me strength to continue to seek you. Amen.

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