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“LOL 🍔🚀🐼

Huh? Yea, that was a response to us asking a friend what he thought of the new Star Wars trailer. Clearly, we decrypted this message as, “It’s a well-crafted execution that pays homage to its past less a few overzealous indulgences.”

/end sarcasm

We think the convenience of Emoji and Animated GIFs often wins out over more interesting communication, and that’s been ok for a while. But we wanted to be more expressive with our personalities while keeping things light and fun.

Meet Gather.

Gather lets you quickly record great-looking video reactions that capture how you actually feel so you don’t have to resort to pandas.
Greg watches Aaron’s reaction to the Star Wars trailer and then records a reaction of his own

Here’s how it works: Aaron opens Gather, where he finds and watches the latest Star Wars Trailer. He records his reaction (he loved it) and shares with Greg his reaction. Greg receives a big, pretty card that lets him watch said trailer and then record his own reaction to it. He can capture the raw initial reaction, or redo it as many times as he likes, because let’s face it, Greg’s a bit of a perfectionist. Stuff can be sent to a group where everyone sees everyone’s reactions, or individually where only the sender sees the reactions.

Gather already has the the most reactable stuff of the day in it, like the winner of American Idol or that unbelievable shot by Lebron James.

Finding the stuff to get reactions to is kind of hard — that’s why we do it for you. Whenever something reactable happens, we’ll add it to the Trending section. Just record your reaction and share it to get reactions from your friends. And if we don’t have what you want (you’re probably cooler than us), no big deal — you can get reactions to your own links, photos & videos, GIFs, whatever.

Don’t worry ‘bout how you look, our filters make you look great or make you look like Nintendo.
Pretty? Artsy? Crazy? Your call.

We know what you’re thinking. “Wow, cool. But here’s the thing: I didn’t comb my hair and my house is a disaster. Oh, and I hate how i look on video.”

Psh. We’ve got you covered. First off, the videos are small (like the size of the tip of your thumb) — you’re NOT recording a 4K Ultra High-Def video here. Secondly, we spent a ton of time creating cool filters that range from making you look pretty to obscuring you in case you’re feeling like a hot mess.

Not to brag, but getting reactions is unlike anything we’ve seen or experienced. It’s not as addictive as crack, but it’s close. Oh, and we also let you post your reaction & what you reacted to directly to Twitter. So your friends don’t even have to have the app to see your darling face (and coming soon, record a reaction without the app).

So go download it, have fun, and be sure to tell us what you think on Twitter or email.


Greg & Aaron

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