A Feedback

We all know, that how helpful a feedback can be. We have received or given feedback on various events in our life, like product feedback on Online purchases, Play store rating, Retrospective meetings etc. But when was the last time you received any feedback about yourselves to improve or change something to become better than what you are? or you have given a feedback to someone?

We live in the world where people ever tells the truth. Are we polite? NO, we pretend to be polite. Are we busy? NO, actually we don’t care. Are we afraid? Yes, we are afraid of telling the truth and also afraid of how other people will pursue it. After all these things, if someone dares to tell you the truth, instantly we become defensive because it’s human nature, nobody likes to hear anything negative about themselves.

No one will invest in you but YOU

If there is something you want to improve in yourselves, then why do you expect someone will come and tell you the things, that needs to be improved. Have you ever asked for feedback from the people around you? If no, that means you don’t think anything needs to improve which implies you are perfect. Great!

I was being lucky in this case, got feedback multiple times. I think these people really cares about me and wanted to see a better version of mine. Let me tell you the stories, how an honest feedback helped me to improve myself.

Story 1 — It was a time when I used to repeat my own words and sentences. A friend of mine noted it and asked me to stop doing this consciously but nothing was improving. He was disappointed seeing no improvements but didn’t give up upon me, after sometime he came up with an alternative and started doing the same thing, right on my face and that turned out I stopped repeating my own words and sentences.

Story 2 — I would not say it was a bad time rather would say was a good time to experience such thing and feel refreshed after overcoming of it. A year ago I was stuck in so much negativity. No matter what happens I used to find something negative to talk about.

One day in the morning, one of my colleague asked me, what makes me to look at only negative side of things. Further he added, Even though people are putting so much effort to make things better. Everybody is here for a reason and assigned a role and responsibilities to perform. Let’s focus on our portion of work and others do their

Be positive, it is very easy to be negative

This small talk completely changed my way of thinking. I am so glad it happened that day and thought me a new perspective of looking at the things. Over the period, the change was noted in me and acknowledged by multiple people.

Now the question comes, If there is a room for improvement, how would you get to know, what needs to be improved? and Why would somebody tell you that. Nobody is going to come and tell you, “Excuse me, I have a feedback for you, would you like to know?”.

Delusions about ourselves are road blocks on the journey to becoming Awesome

You have to take responsibility of your own development, Only you are the one who knows yourself better than others so write down things on paper to overcome and complete action plans before you ask other’s assistance.

The another way can be asking for feedbacks constantly and in this case the challenge is to accept the reality. If you are asking for a favour from someone else, you have to take whatever they give you.

Everyone has some story behind their awesomeness, please share your story and let other people get inspired of being sharing and receiving a genuine feedback