Phone-less Musings

It’s been 5 days now since I became phone less without warning. My 3 month old Samsung J5 started acting up one day and the next day I’m at the shop being told that I would have to leave it to get checked and it might take just 3–14!! days before I could have it back.

For some reason, all I could hear was 14!! Like what the heck? Why? How about you just give me a new phone and we forget this ever happened?!.

This was also the day I was supposed to be linking up with my pal Nimmo and it just got me wondering how anyone could possibly meet with someone without having a phone in 2k16(as the millennials would call it).

Like what happens when you get there and she isn’t there, or what if you don’t know the exact directions to where you are supposed to meet, what if you end up waiting for half an hour at the wrong spot, what if something happens to her along the way and she just can’t reach you to inform you? How did they do it back then? How long did you have to wait for a person before you could leave the spot?

It felt like I was going to have a mini heart attack. But if I’m being very honest, I was also filled with some sort of peculiar excitement.

Known only to me, for a few months now, I had been feeling the pressures that come along with social media. The pressure to socialize and participate in meaningless groups. Groups that I had wanted to leave but didn’t because that would have been “rude” or so”typical of me” and 2k16 is all about taking the “road less traveled”. Being a better person than I was last year if nothing else. So I stuck around; ignored the antagonizing feeling that came with 315 unread messages.

See I am the girl who is online on Facebook with her chat offline; choosing only to have conversations that need to be had or none at all. I am the girl who is online on Whatsapp having a conversation with her boyfriend,her best friends, her sisters completely oblivious of all the piling group texts.

That’s because I crave intense, I crave truth, I crave deep. I want to know your story, your dreams, your fears, your flaws show you mine. I would like to meet your mum and Lord knows I fear parents yet I’ll hang out with you and her over lunch/ice cream. I live for sleep overs , silent walks in the park, watching the city from a tall tower and you can’t have this with just anyone. Can’t have it with everyone. Can’t do small talk; the awkwardness of it all overwhelms me. I don’t have time for it, I don’t intend on doing it and yes the cost of being called a snob is way too small compared to having lived a full life with those that truly matter.

So save the babble and chit-chat for when we bump into each other shall we? I swear I shan’t ignore you unless maybe you do. I hope we shall have enough time to reminisce on the days when we were more than just acquaintances; when we thought we would be together forever. No regrets, no hard feelings just a clear understanding that we have grown; grown up, grown apart and that’s fine but let’s not create a group and try go back to some 15 years ago.

Being phone less has been a terrifying journey (never mind that it’s been less than a week), every now and then, I get some sort of panic attack “ Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)”, they call it. But it has also given me incredible peace, quiet; taught me how to let go of control. That I shall attend to missed calls and messages when that time comes.

Also as it turns out, meetings with friends can still happen without phones, it just needs better planning and much more patience.

I don’t know when I’ll get my phone back and I’m really hoping we don’t have to reach the 14th mark but it’s reminded me of the things that matter, the people who do. Turns out I was right all along. These are the people who called me on my house helps number when they couldn’t reach me elsewhere; the ones who called Franco asking if I’m okay. The ones who our conversations remain resolute because Facebook, and emails. These are the ones I live for and yes I shall be leaving all the unnecessary groups once I get it back because really; they are suffocating to the phone and myself :P

Happy Easter holiday to you and yours.

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