Next week’s aims for Gathrer

Recently Gathrer expanded to provide lists on a variety of topics. We now have an interface that can present multiple lists.

This weekend we’ll (not bold if done):

  • Optimise site performance, especially the amount of CSS
  • Delete github link, too few are using it
  • Change cover-photos on Facebook and Twitter, as well as embed cards per list.
  • Fix list tile borders
  • Fix tile description font size media-query below 400px
  • Fix html extensions
  • Add a list where Grenfell residents opting in can set up bitcoin addresses and have funds donated directly to them. A number of residents are interested
  • Release a list to co-ordinate the UK’s Remain movement

If we have enough time:

  • Add categories and list search to the homepage* (IN PROGRESS)
  • Give you the option to subscribe via email to be notified on new lists or important list updates
  • Investigate subscription via SMS
  • Embed github readmes for github lists* (IN PROGRESS)
  • Add donation link/s for the Project Remain list
  • Investigate lists for AFT, AFC, AFD Leuven & startit@kbc
  • Events in Leuven, things to do as a student here
  • Cheap places to eat in Leuven
  • Good Belgian tech-meetups by member-count
  • List of upcoming Belgian Musicians
  • Subscribe to a list via SMS / email, get updates — graph of subscriptions
  • Subscriber system, where list-admins pulling in most subscribers get more ‘share’ in equal periods
  • Way to give list creators ability to view google analytics on their list, or public even, so it gives them positive reinforcement.


  • Implement Cloudfront with S3
  • Redirect . to www. * (IN PROGRESS)
  • Impliment htaccess
  • Add SSL
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