This should have been posted yesterday. Are you interested in the reasons of lack thereof? I’d rather not. I will just end up bragging about trivial coffee dates with girlfriends.

Here goes.

Projects are not new to us. Inherent in their pronunciation is the implied meaning of transcience. So it’s an actual skill to successfully implement one. An un-expendable part to this process is planning. And this is precisely what today’s post is about.

Perhaps in your school years you were assigned to come up with a business plan for some imaginary organization. And so to toil you went. Trying to plan the end from the beginning in great detail. Unfortunately for your efforts, that’s not how the world works.

Life has a way of pulverizing boardroom strategy: no matter how small the assignment. Who wants to plan in detail from beginning to the end of a venture, including ones life, when an intention as simple as journaling becomes a vagina monologue session with my girls?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that life sometimes spits on our plans. I remember a project I was implementing that saw me toss my 6hours of strategy the moment it launched. You know those “No sooner than” moments? It was a classic case.

So this is what I have learnt from my humble experience: I define Step B..and I try to define it in modest detail. Why bother with planning Step C and D whilst reality is on a mission to thwart Plan B?

Not that I’m an advocate against planning; But if you find your plans taking the form of “After this…, and then”, just because most times “then” does not follow “after this”, I’ve learnt to adapt.

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