I’m in a matatu. This is commitment.

I’m trying to think about what to write. This voice in my head whispers: Just 100 words. Today is one of those days where just showing up testifies for you. (What’s my word count thus far? I press on)

Some random facts revealed by today’s crack of dawn:

  1. My computer was manufactured in China (I knew it! The blue light looked so chinese. It shares ancestry with my first phone- Dorado.)
  2. Kaspersky comes with an extra license. Though this particular anti-virus I bought does not seem to rikita the mademoni in my computer. I have silently said a prayer for cooperation when I log in tomorrow. That reminds me: my boss’ flash drive is one of the casualties of this demonic onslaught. Ave Maria!
  3. Excuses is us acting weak. And we become weak as a result. The ninjasm I have performed today to ensure my research project has been submitted; I have just broken my ceiling as far as hard-work is concerned

Three is enough, right? Good night.