Yesterday I was with a friend; and I felt loquacious. I was amid program coordination at my work; and I was spritzy.She on the other hand had just finished her plate of lunch. She was soporific.

This was a contrast of worlds. I kept bubbling short comments based on observances of my environment; yet all the response I got from her were short seemingly dismissive replies.

Then as has been the norm; I subconsciously started to impose a break to my banter; but a fight-back thought exuded from my psyche.

Why should I unquestionably censor myself?

You see, we have been trained to walk into rooms being unhealthily conscious of ourselves. We are taught to read the room to adjust our behaviour accordingly. And when the room does not receive us positively, we self flagellate.

But from now forward, I shall ask: Could the problem be with the room; as opposed to me?

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