Secretary of Homeland Security: Gun Control

Out proposal:

The saving lives act wants people to know that they should not take their lives or others. We can reach this goal by proceeding mandatory background checks and having it be a requirement to have a gun license before purchasing a gun. An average of around 70% of the guns used to kill or harm another are from states with that do not require background checks or permits. Background checks should be sure that the person is not suicidal, has never been to prison, how many guns they have bought , has never been arrested. The person should also be questioned if they are suicidal, and other questions like what their intentions are for the gun. The person buying a gun should take multiple classes on gun safety and how to use one. Similar to the idea when getting your driver’s licence. These should be required in order to buy a gun. In addition, every school should dedicate a day for gun and safety awareness. Classes should meet and there should be a speaker to inform students that it is not okay to kill another. It is assumed that it is not okay to kill but this has the potential to stop many deaths. Many kids are influenced by T.V. and think everything they see is okay. It is essential that ther are reminded that shooting someone is not okay. There should also be a suicide awareness day too, a mental health day. This is important because more than half of the 91 people who die a day from guns are suicide. The scary thing with suicide is that no one else knows how one feels. Anyone you know could be suicidal and we could prevent it by making everyone feel wanted.

Secretary of State: Syrian Refugees

Our proposal:

To start off we would not close our borders to the refugees but in fact out proposal is first, let a certain amount in and secondly, stop the war that is happening. To begin with the Children Come First program focus on giving refugee children safety, education, food. It will provide a camp shelter for families that come to the United States but only a certain of people will be allowed. The program will change the lives of innocent children who have suffered and we’re living in war. Many will question how would we afford to sustain refugees and we will get the money from other organizations that would help. Organizations will donate foods and medical aid for those who are severely ill. We would raise money and citizens and or government would supply also the camps. The refugees family that have parents or anyone over eighteen would be working in fields that are needed employees. All the rest will go to school and get an education. The children need a steady education so they can succeed and as well the children have a future and we shouldn’t deprived them from it since they have been through so much. Living in war and not knowing if they would get to see another day. The uncertainty of their lives was what kept them at bay and fighting to escape. When accepting refugees one will have to question if we are going to let them roam free but that exactly. When they are entering we would have a security check and do a background check on them. If one cannot find any information or data about the person we would question them and then keep them under surveillance. They would not be able to move to a different location until they have lived in the same state for fourteen years and have become a U.S. citizen. To end the war that is happening in the Middle East is that we would arm our military and use such force if needed to stop the people.

Secretary of Energy: Clean energy investment

Our proposal:

This is why I am proposing a life changing new program named The Renewable Revolution Act. The main aspect of this act will be a massive use of solar energy. To start off, one of the biggest steps is utilizing companies such as Tesla to power this Renewable Revolution. They have created a very accessible use of solar energy for all Americans. This product consists of modern solar panel roof shingles, and Tesla’s electric cars. As an intelligent and innovative society it is necessary that we convert as many houses to these “Solar Houses.” Combining both of these products, the electric cars, and solar shingles, it is possible for anyone in the world to live off 80–90% self sustaining energy. This is a huge step not only for the economy but also for the environment. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the amount of carbon monoxide production is 75% from cars and with the conversion from regular to electric cars this amount will decrease tremendously. As if it weren’t good enough, these products are not expensive compared to what the population already pays for the normal versions of them. For example, Tesla’s Solar Roofing completely replaces house shingles, for lower than what regular shingles are priced at, and for their latest version of their car, Tesla Model 3, is priced at $35,000. So not only does this conversion from regular fuel burning homes and cars help the environment, but is also a very affordable way to do it. One of the minor drawbacks to the solar panels is that they are not as efficient as they could be. For example the solar panels that Tesla is making are 2% less efficient than standard solar panels, not that this is a big deal, but something the user might take into consideration. Also Tesla has planned to recreate solar panels making them much more effective than they are right now, so if a user decides to convert now, it is likely that in the near future there will be a completely redesigned line of much more efficient panels.

Secretary of Treasury/Labor: Minimum Wage

Our proposal:

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