How Overwhelming College Workloads Compromise the Passion for Learning #GoGators The Keyword

I did not participate in any Twitter chats for a particular assignment. It is currently 2:13 a.m. after a long week of slowly working through busy work assignments in order to open up time to study for two mid-term exams. I still haven’t even started studying for the mid-term in this class. When there is this much coursework, there isn’t anymore passion. After a year straight of being overwhelmed by coursework that is physically impossible to complete all of, I do not honestly care that I did not participate in these Twitter chats. I used to have a fire in my belly to learn college-level material, and internalize it to grow into a better person. Now, learning is a burden that requires me to cultivate mental energy that I don’t have. I just care about surviving with a passing grade. As soon as each semester ends, I, and all other students, dump everything they may have gleaned from busy work assignments to make room in their minds for the next batch of courses. I hope this blog or story or whatever has enough of the 400 word count in it that I don’t get a huge F and a negative peer review from another student.