Important Tips for Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

If you have a swimming pool in your home, then you have experienced a pool leak. Swimming pool leaks are the most serious problem in your life if it occurs; you need to lose money as well as water before it should be repaired. If your swimming has a leak, it is not only losing the water and also getting damaged your surroundings. So before it’s going to be a bigger problem, you should contact a swimming pool repair contractor. A swimming pool repair technician will detect the leaky places in your pool using the various leak detection methods.

Before hiring a swimming pool leak detection technician, you should follow the below tips to stopping the pool leaks:

· Determine the Pool Leak

· Check the Plumbing

· Check the Pool Liner

· Check the Concrete

Determine the Pool Leak

First of all you need to determine your swimming pool really has a leak. You can perform a bucket test to find out the leaks. Fill a bucket with water and place it on the steps of your pool. Mark the water levels, both inside and outside of a bucket. If there is a difference after 24 hours, then probably your pool has a leak.

Check the Plumbing

If you’ve noticed that losing water using the filter system running, then the leak may occur in your plumbing area. You should check the plumbing by performing a pressure test and then a dig test to discover the leaks where the backwash line comes out.

Check the Pool Liner

A leak could be challenging to find when it occurs on pool liners. So, you should examine the pool liners like, primary drain, lights, returns, etc… Also ensure the liner has broken free and the liner fittings are strong.

Check the Concrete

If you have a concrete swimming pool, then usually there are many cracks in the shell. By performing food coloring test, you can discover the leaks. It is best to turn off the pump at least an hour before starting the food coloring test. Once the leak has been found, it is easy to repair your swimming pool by utilizing a patching material.

Finally, if you cannot detect the leaky place in your swimming pool, then is recommended to call your local professional for swimming pool leak detection and repair service. In addition, pool leak detection professionals can guide you on how to maintain the swimming pools by your own.