All about eyes

People often come in to print out tickets for coaches and flights and today was no different in Southmead. My first customers needed help printing a .pdf file they’d saved on a memory stick — they could see the details but it wasn’t printing, and they only wanted every second page as those in between were blank. I solved the problem by printing from our helpdesk computers, and then handed them to the young lady of the group (2 young men; obviously Polish because one of them commented on our selection of Polish books).

I didn’t know where to look as she had one of those eyes that wobbles about in a disconcerting way, so you don’t know where to look!

My second customer was a small boy called Richard (his mother was Russian, perhaps, but she joined them both up and put his nationality down as being ‘English’) and he was blessed with a squinty eye. Fortunately this one wasn’t moving, so not so disconcerting.

And then — I had to use my own eyes! H* was here, a stock librarian, and she had a long list of books that she couldn’t find on the shelves. My namesake eventually managed to detach herself from her phone and Facebook and give me a hand in searching other sections to see if we could find them. Fortunately she had also listened to H*’s instructions, and we were to send any books we found on to other libraries if they were in good condition, and bin them if they were not — which we did. There were still a huge number of missing books, and which we had to withdraw from the system. C* showed me a quick way of doing this for a batch, rather than one by one, so we got them all done by the end of the day. (There are still too many books on the shelves! Crime, thrillers, romance, kids’ books, travel guides, audio books — that’s what goes out, mainly… although today I had a man come in and ask in a loud voice for diabetic cook books. I thought the most efficient way of doing this was to look on the catalogue, and whilst I did that, he found a book — apparently — on the shelf; proving he didn’t need my help…)

A very smelly bloke in a hoodie came in and C* opened the windows, so it was freezing in the library. I think he was waiting for someone, but he did at least spend a few minutes ‘reading’ a graphic novel.

There was also a very hairy bloke who came in and said he’d had his 2 hours on the computers in another library, and could he have ours for an extra hour? C* told him he was only allowed 2 hours a day in any library, and he seemed quite happy with that. She said the system logs how long anyone spends on the computers, and wouldn’t let him on anyway, it wasn’t just her sticking to the rules.

One of the displays, celebrating Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual month. I’m not sure many of the customers in this library relate to this, but still.