Back to work, post-referendum

After a week’s break, I’m back at Southmead, working with S* today. It’s quiet, so we have plenty of time to discharge 4 crates of books and then start discharging the contents of the library in order to check whether we have shelved items from other libraries whilst the system was offline during the changeover. I find a feather duster to help clean the shelves!

The footfall counter tells us over 500 people came to vote yesterday, and later we hear that there are only about 800 or 900 registered to vote in this area, and 120 were postal, so this is a good turnout.

The book catalogue is being merged, apparently, so we can’t do any reservations/holds. That makes our job very much simpler. However, a book I ordered to test the system has arrived and is on the shelf, although I haven’t been notified of this, perhaps because I’m staff?

We have also received the resources needed for the Big Friendly Read and S* gets them ready to give the heads up to the school group when they come in. They don’t, for reasons unknown. The training has had a mixed reception, but I haven’t had time to look at the Powerpoint (!). There are 6 scratch ‘n’ sniff cards to collect and store in a special wallet, plus a gold medal for achieving the total 6. There are also copyright issues we have to be aware of, I’m told.

There’s also an email about putting up a display for Mills and Boon, themed #LoveAtTheLibrary. I’m thinking about it…