We have a bit of a rush when we open up at Avonmouth today, A* and I, and by the end of the day we’ve counted 16 people through the doors!

We have the guy who comes in to use the computer and tells us how he’s planning to cycle up to somewhere in Scotland where he has a mate…

We have the black guy who needs to print out the application form for a tachygraph (I think) — it has to be in colour, he says. He messes it up and has to reprint it…

Then there’s the guy from Guinea, whose wife has just arrived and doesn’t speak any English — she looks very young to be his wife. He says he went to study in Belgium for many years before moving to UK. Meanwhile A* signs him up and shows him a poster for ESOL classes for his ‘wife’.

There’s a family of 4 who use a computer — they have a young child with them who pushes all the books in on the shelves. Still, it gives us something to do once they’ve left.

There’s also a woman who has to sit down quickly — she tells us she has narcolepsy, but as long as she can sit down, she’s OK, and it passes.

A* tells me which job he’s going to apply for — probably the same ones as me!

Understandable in any language, I think…
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