It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

So, two months have passed since I last wrote, which means I have been working permanently in Avonmouth library three afternoons a week and Shirehampton library one afternoon a week. (I have also been working as a casual relief library assistant in Gloucestershire libraries — so far, Lydney, Coleford, Cinderford, Newent and Gloucester — but that’s another story. I’ve also been teaching a couple of nights a week. I’m still not making ends meet, but that’s also another story.)

Today I worked at Sea Mills library for the first time since my third day in Bristol libraries! It seemed much bigger than I remembered, and I was reminded how few resources and facilities there are at Avonmouth library. Of all the libraries that had their hours cut, Avonmouth was the only one to get an extra 10 hours — so I feel we need to do something to make those extra hours worthwhile. More on than anon.

I was working with S* which is always fun — and today he located the Christmas tree and decorations and put them to good use. We even put a few Christmas carols on very quietly. There’s also a big display of Christmas books for adults. But my day was mainly concerned with maths.

A family of 3 children came in — one asked me if we had any books on Romans, so I showed him what we had. His sister was doing a maths puzzle on the pc which required her to find, first of all, numbers divisable by 9. She managed this, but got stuck with square numbers. I was able to show her our selection on books on maths, which clearly explained what a square number was, so she was able to complete her puzzle.

Because S* used to work on the mobile library, he was sent two spreadsheets which gave him the addresses of all the private homes and care homes which still have some of our books. He wanted them combined on a spreadsheet so he could sort them by post code, thereby avoiding multiple cross-city journeys to collect the books. I was able to do this for him very easily.

Christmas tree at Sea Mills library
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