It’s my first day as a permanent employee at B* City Council today. I have a ‘welcome pack’ to complete and sign before I start, which I do, and locate my proof of right to work here and of my address. My new ‘official’ manager comes in to collect the paperwork and gives me an induction form and asks me to let her know if I need to go through anything. I’m sure I will.

She also tells me I’ll be working with someone new to the service in A* from next week, when she’s on holiday, but someone else will be working with me just to make sure!

I’m not really looking forward to working at S* today but in the event it’s not that bad — apart from finding a parking space. I will soon get used to squeezing between cars in city parking fashion! I’m also working with someone who’s a bit negative but she sounds relieved that in future we won’t be working together.

The library has some interesting books for adults (including one on Bristol tugs and one on line dancing!), young adults and a big, welcoming section for children. There are a couple of computers and a local history shelf. There are lots of boards for notices and shelves for leaflets, which many other libraries don’t have. There’s a shelf for returned books, so customers can see what others are reading. Altogether, it has a nice feeling.

I manage to cash up but don’t complete the spreadsheets that go with it, but I don’t get to the bank with the cash. Something to improve on! I must find out what other libraries use to make up their floats.

Two noisy school groups come in for books. They all have their own cards, unlike other libraries, where they take them out on the school card. I wonder why. There’s no story. Perhaps that’s something I can do in future?

The local history group come in and go upstairs in the community building which adjoins the library (other activities such as wrestling and dog training also take place in the building) and we hear them all afternoon, which is nice background noise.

We do get quite a few customers in a steady stream, including a man who comes in 15 minutes before we shut to photocopy, rather than use the computer he’s phoned up to book. The photocopier runs on ‘honesty’ as the bit that takes the money is broken. I wonder if it can be fixed? The charge for photocopying here is 10p, double what it is in other libraries.

There’s also a man who asks for some books that no libraries have yet. I’m told he often does that. There’s also a woman who’s read most of a book in a hotel in Tuscany whilst attending her grand-daughter’s wedding and wants to know if we can get hold of it so she can read the ending. It’s a book published in 2000 and we don’t have it anywhere.

Two schoolgirls come in and use the computers. They work quietly together. That’s good to see.

There are some things to work on here….

Line dancing shares space with Egypt…
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