Sicilian delights

I’m working with someone new at A* today, from the pool. We only have 7 customers today, so we have plenty of time to chat.

We chat about ourselves and then K* tells me about the business she is starting. She’s Sicilian and has recently started selling vegan and gluten-free cakes (as well as ‘normal’ ones), including Sicilian arancine, at a local market. We talk about vans, car insurance and tax, driving licences, gazebos, freezers, markets! I show her some useful web sites for used cars and vans and Stroud market. We are both enthusiastic about the possibilities. She shows me her Facebook page and Twitter account. I plan to go to her next sale, in two weeks’ time!

When I go and make a cup of tea, I see A*, who I worked with at H*. He says he misses me! I say ‘likewise’. He is not complimentary about the people who have replaced me. He tells me about a few resignations that have happened in the last few weeks. I remember to ask him what the makeup of the float is at H* and, amazingly, he remembers and tells me. That will help next week!

Today is my first day teaching at Wyedean again, and I leave right on time to make sure I’m there in 45 minutes to welcome my new students.

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