Sights and sounds

I take a different route in to work today and for once I’m there before A*. S* has already started on the cashing up and banking. We are still confused as to where to get the correct figures for the spreadsheet, but now I know the money banked should match the records for garden waste bags, dvd charges, overdue fines and printing, that’s what I focus on. Or at least, why it doesn’t tally with the actual money.

When we open there’s a rush for the computers — so much so, that we have a queue waiting for the computer with the scanner. It must be the same in other libraries, because they phone from the nearest library to ask if we have any spare computers, as they also have a queue. We have to be quite firm about not extending time on the scanner pc.

We also have several crates of books to discharge and put back on the shelves or on the reservations shelf.

A* asks me to give him 5 minutes to go out for a ciggie before I go for lunch. At the same time, a woman asks if I can help her with a form she needs to download. I pass her on to S* and forget all about A*’s request before I go for lunch. I blame it on a lack of sleep. It was very hot last night and I didn’t sleep very well. I apologise when I get back.

When I come back from lunch, only A* and S* are in the library! What a difference!

We have some more new books so I discharged those and send them on to J3 (we process their books as well as ours), apart from one on money, which I decide sounds interesting and check it out to myself.

A young lady comes in and asks for books on taking a driving test. Our book is out, and when I search the catalogue, I can’t find any in other libraries that are later than the one she says she already has. She asks for books that will help her with her English, so I point her in the direction of the Quick Reads, but when she comes to check out her books, I notice she has a couple of crime novels, so I guess that her English is better than she thinks, or says. I wouldn’t normally mention her, as her requests are perfectly normal, but I want to comment on her clothing. She’s wearing a sari, and says she’s just arrived from India. Her sari is bright green. I imagine that in India it looks wonderful in the sun — as it does here, today. But we don’t often see people in saris this bright. I wonder if how long she’ll wear colours like that once the season changes. If she continues to come in, I’ll be able to see, won’t I?

Talking of requests made of libraries, I’m amused by Orkney libraries tweets about the phone call they had asking if a pair of false teeth had been found in the library! Followed by a query about vegetarian restaurants on Orkney. I don’t think we’ve had anything like this when I’ve been working, although on Saturday I was asked which buses go to the Oncology unit at the hospital, and if there were any car parks nearby. Fortunately, there is always the internet!