The badge says ‘trainee’ but I have ze keys!

Yes, it’s true! I have my own set of keys and opened up under the keen eye of S*. I have also made use of all those sticky coloured dots that library assitants are so fond of, so I know which key is for which door/shutter etc.

G* from the ‘pool’ (as opposed to me being ‘agency’) arrived for ‘lunch cover’ today and noticed that my badge still says ‘trainee’, rather than having my name on it. I was reminded of working at M&S, where I wore a badge saying ‘Bernadette’ for the entire Christmas period (and only caught out the trainee manager — all the rest knew what my name was).

We were quite busy until just after lunch, which would be the time the library used to close on Saturdays. After that, a group of 5 teenagers drifted in and out, adding to our door count of course, and giggling annoyingly. At one point S* had to go and ask them to behave if they wanted to stay in the library, out of the cold wind. She said this was probably the original reason the library had only been open till 1.

There was also a young black teenager and his carer (?). The black kid came up to me and held my hands — his were freezing and I told him so. Shortly afterwards, a French couple came in to print out a plane ticket, and the black kid went up and did the same thing to them, frightening the female of the couple. The carer didn’t seem to know what to do with the black kid, but follow him around the library and try and tempt him to go home and watch TV. Obviously the black kid preferred it in our library! Eventually they did leave though.

As it was so quiet, I tidied up the Mills & Boon section, as I’d seen in another library that they were colour-coded by type e.g. modern, historical, medical, intrigue. Shortly afterwards a cheery lady came in and took all the historical ones out, saying she noticed they were all grouped together. So that was a worthwhile tidying exercise.

The number of books on the trolley to be shelved has been growing as there’s been no room on the non-fiction shelves to squeeze them in, so today S* had a cull. Umpteen cookery books in particular were ditched. They seem to be money for old rope, as the saying goes. While she did that, I withdrew them from the system and put them in boxes to be sent to BetterWorldBooks (who sell them and donate some of the profit back (?) to the library).

And then she supervised me closing up (remembering three strikes of the alarm fob!) and we went home.

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