Namo “ 10 संदेशा ” on 70th Independence day

Independence Day speech from the Red Fort, New Delhi, Aug. 15, 2016

संदेशा #2

1> Economic growth:

“As far as GDP growth rate is concerned, we have left behind even the big economies of the world.”

2> India’s problems:

“If India has thousands of problems, it also has 1.25 billion brains that have the ability to resolve them.”

3> India’s progress:

“India is not 70 years old but this journey is 70 years long.”

4> Governance:

“Now turning self governance to good governance is the resolve of 1.25 billion countrymen.”

5> The goods-and-services tax:

“The GST regime is to become a powerful tool to strengthen the economy.”

6> Stalled projects:

“Blocking projects, delaying them and wasting money amounts to criminal negligence.”

7> Inflation:

“I will not allow the poor man’s dish to become costlier.”

8> Kashmir issue :

“The way the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir praised me, has enhanced the prestige of my 1.25 billion countrymen.”

9>Social Concern:

“Serve all people without discrimination. Do not disregard anyone for his age or caste, Respect all.”

10>Health and Hygiene:

“More than 20 million toilets have been constructed in our villages. Over 70,000 villages have been free from open defecation.”

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