If you live somewhere in Asia, you might’ve heard of or even use LINE Messenger on a daily basis. Now what I want to introduce to you and what makes LINE Messenger different from its competitors are “Official Accounts”. Official Accounts are Accounts that can be created by a company or even individuals to mass-send messages to users who have become friends with their accounts, and also receiving post articles and more. This account can be operated by individuals, groups or even programs that runs with the LINE Bot SDK (Standard Developer Kit)and hooking it up with the Messaging API.

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The average Linux User : Art by

For those of you who uses Linux as their daily driver, you earned yourself a cookie. But for those who wants to start using Linux, I present to you this short guide to diving right in the world of Linux and all its glory, so lets get started.

What is Linux?

Linux is no different than Windows or Mac OS, it is basically an Operating System but the major different is that it is Free for everyone. It being Open Source means it belongs to nobody and is free to download and use for everyone. It is rapidly growing in number of users…

Open Source is many things, it could be Technology, it could be Education or even Non Profit Organizations and Governments around the globe. But in this short-read article, we will discuss more about the idea of it and as example in the world of Technology because it is what made me love the idea.

These Open Source Projects have made so many progress over the years. People start loving the idea of being part of something big and its free for the whole world. …

Abhishta Gatya

Tech Enthusiast and Designer

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