Open Source the world of Tomorrow!

Open Source is many things, it could be Technology, it could be Education or even Non Profit Organizations and Governments around the globe. But in this short-read article, we will discuss more about the idea of it and as example in the world of Technology because it is what made me love the idea.

These Open Source Projects have made so many progress over the years. People start loving the idea of being part of something big and its free for the whole world. Open Source Projects, Products, or initiatives embraces and celebrates the principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency and community-oriented development.

The Good Side

Open Source (in terms of software) has benefits-cost, flexibility, freedom, security and accountability — that are unsurpassed by propriety software solutions. The technology of Open Source projects is always cutting edge because of the community and users both contributing to the project and that means if there is a problem, you can either go to the forum for help or even tweak it yourself and this was never the case when you use propriety software.

Note : You don’t have to be a Computer expert to fix the problems yourself, chances are somebody already had the same problem and has provide a solution.

The Other Side

Like every great idea, there is always flaws. A lot of companies are initially attracted by the fact that Open Source is free, but its important to factor in the cost of deploying and integrating the project. There is a bit of learning curve when using Open Source Software or Products , mainly because open source projects requires more training than your average software and sometimes requires extra tools to run it. There is another disadvantage of open source projects and this is the big one, its the risk of abandonment. Open Source projects do sometimes die out and if you’ve invested a lot into the project, it could prove to be a serious problem if the updates stop. There are more flaws in this ideas that I didn’t include because I think these are the main problems to discuss.

Personal Experience

I have been using Open Source Software as my daily driver for quite a while now, and I have to say that it was a fun experience. I am currently a Student, the knowledge I gain about computers and software has vastly expanded because of Open Source. I am running Linux every where now and switching from my comfort was a bit difficult. Some software are not as good as what I mainly use but, in the end its just tools it may work for me but not for you. But I definitely love the experience I am getting and I will try my hardest to contribute to the community.

Open Source vs Closed Source

When we talk about comparisons, it finally comes down to Cost, Service, Innovation, Usability and Security

Cost :

We know that Open Source is free and some closed source( propriety software )are high costing, but this high costing does mean better and user friendly Interfaces / Environment to work with that Open Source projects might left out.

Service :

Open Source Projects relies on loyal and engaged online user community to deliver support in forums and blogs, while closed source projects sometimes provide immediate assistance or point of contact.

Innovation :

Open Source projects provides a large amount of flexibility and freedom to change the software the software without restriction, this can make people contribute highly to make the project better. Closed Source on the other hand sometimes lack the voice of the people and decides what is best for them.

Usability :

For Closed Source Projects, Usability is a high selling point due to targeted audience, while Open Source projects don’t. It takes a bit of a learning curve, but when you get the hang of it, there is no different than Closed Source Projects.

Security :

In matters of security, it is debatable and has a lot of arguments to this. Some say that Open Source is better because the community tries their hardest effort to break it making it a more robust systems but some also said that Closed Source is better because they are tested on a closed environment and not everybody can access it. Its your choice.


Open Source is still a great idea to try in my opinion, right now Open Source is swiftly growing in numbers of projects and contributors. Imagine 5–10 Years from now and what we can accomplish with Open Source. If you want to contribute on this idea, go open source I highly recommend it, if not then don’t, better you use what works for you the best.

Author : Abhishta Gatya Adyatma

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Tech Enthusiast and Designer

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