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Dear GAU community,

Two days ago we announced that we were delisting from Crex24 and the reason being was to address the rapid decline in the price of the coin. We received a mixed reaction from the community to date but overall the consensus was positive towards our decision. This positive reaction was in no doubt fueled by the onset of another much higher volume exchange in the very near future.

We want to assure the GAU community that we are following up our Crex24 delist decision with a very robust plan to progress the project onwards and upwards. …

To all Gauntlet ESport Masternode owners and GAU coin purchasers, we would like to communicate a timely and very important announcement relating to our trading exchange partner Crex24. The Gauntlet Project is quiet a large project and requires specific amounts of funds in various stages to continue development to ensure that our objectives are met.

Trading at Crex24 has seen a somewhat downward spiral in recent weeks and this we believe is down to trading bots and quick reward offloads from some masternode owners. …

September 28th, 2020 Update

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Hey everybody. Hope you all had a great week. One of our admin has some family issues to attend to so here is last week’s update 😊

September is Nearly Over!

We were busy last week working on our deliverables for the end of the month. We will be able to meet most of them however there are some we will not be able to meet due to lack of funding and personnel. …

Gauntlet E-Sport

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