Walking with Magento and Facebook

Facebook-Magento Marketing

Online marketing is becoming a cult nowadays. All brands are promoting their brands on social networks. Due to a cult of social networking, Magento 2 has introduced “Facebook Product Promotion”.

How facebook product promotion works?

Catalog products list on facebook page along with their name, image, and price. The benefit of this, you don’t need to update the same content over and over again at social network Facebook. Onwards, whenever shoppers click on facebook listed product, they will be redirected to the website.

How to configure a Facebook account in the system?

First of all, need a facebook page for connection. If haven’t already created then don’t worry, we will create at the time of connection.

1. Activate Facebook On Magento

  1. To activate Facebook, go to Connect to Facebook from navigation menu ‘Marketing’.
  2. Now, click on ‘Integration Page’ to connect with a Facebook page.
  3. From grid, select ‘Magento Social’ and simply activate it.
  4. It will ask for permission of catalog and store API. Allow that from the right-top button.
  5. After providing permissions, wait until ‘Success’ page appears. When the page appears to click on close and it will redirect back to that initial grid. Where it is clearly visible ‘Magento Social’ status is active.

2. Activating the store

  1. Simply go to Connect to facebook using admin menu ‘Marketing’.
  2. Over there, click on ‘Launch Store’.
  3. After that, promptly opens with a text “Turn your Magento store into a Facebook store”, click on ‘Connect Magento to Facebook’.
  4. Redirected to Facebook for login if not logged in, else ask for with which username need to log in. Allow facebook page by selecting it.
  5. After all, redirected back to Magento store with “Congratulation” message.

This is the how the setup Magento store on Facebook.

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Originally published at coffeewithmagento.blogspot.com.