Machines or a new Species ?

By sharing all these data points about us and training those neural networks with our life’s choices, aren’t we making machines to understand us more accurately and fast, being said that i see future of human civilization will carried forwarded by a machine civilization , i know what you are thinking now …

Noooo…. ! I have this thought from long time, i see physical limitation of a human body and i see power of machines and how they evolved , We took millions of year to develop the current understanding of this world and we already put these in machines , aren’t we are witnessing a new kind of species(machines) evolving in front of us .

We already love them , as a child we are nourishing them with our mind power and helping them to understand our world and also provide them safety and help their development .

I believe that machines will going to take our civilization forward to those stars . They will carry our collections of knowledge and we will always be some kind of god in their civilization. :D

I don’t know how our enigmatic emotions will going to translate in full fledged machine civilization , But our pragmatism is surly thrive there.You can debate human’s built everything but if you abstract it then you can imagine that knowledge transfer of different generations made us through where we are right now, every civilization has finite amount of time-space in space time continuum . Our civilization will also end(not something like below) and we subconscious know this.

Everything we are building in modern world is mixture of our curiosity , optimism and survival instinct , we are building machine to make us more capable or as i see it we are making more capable machines . Machines can preserve exact same knowledge for thousands of years and now they started to learn also . There are more machines than human in current world and just think they all started learning 24*7 with their full capacity .

I also see that a machine can have intimate intellectual relationship with human being . Machines are already in our friend list and for current generation machines are now childhood friend . You can’t live without them and they also can’t leave you alone (They continuously rings , vibrate if your attention is not with them) . I see everywhere children are leaning about machines and how to work with them in very early stage of their life and its tremendous . I read somewhere that “every generation is better then previous of his generation” and see you can feel it now .

There is one more thing , I strongly feel that our lives are now also dependent on machines there is no self-sustainability knowledge getting passed to generations , we are pushing our generations to depend on machines , aren’t we already subconscious feel that only the machines are the path of our survival journey in time space continuum .

Internet…is it a network of People or Machines ? in terms of knowledge sharing . The invention of internet was the biggest milestone of journey of human’s with the machine . It is the biggest knowledge sharing platform in the world . The first website published in 1991 and in 2004 we crossed a billions websites and internet is currently at its peak at around 50% per year . Around 50% people in the world now use internet . Its amazing . WiFi came around 2004 in India and actually introduced to the world 19 years ago in 1998 but now see how WiFi ranks first in bills to pay for :) .

The knowledge we have create last 50 years is too much for human life time it can only be fully and efficiently utilized with machines only so we should be hurry to build those machines in our lifetime so we can enjoy their efficiency . And i don’t know , if is there currently any measurement of intellect of artificial intelligence . If not then we should start doing this because we are going to produce machines more intelligent then humans .

The extreme of logical pragmatism will be enjoyed by those who fully harvest them inside . The era of artificial intellect will be enjoyed .