Augmented Realty

Augmented reality browser is an amazing 3D navigator to help you reach your location easily. Hold your smartphone upright and look around with your camera to view restaurants, hotels, landmarks, cinemas and other geotagged entries.Floating image balloons on screen display information of the chosen picture.

Hold it horizontally to switch to Google Maps to show your position and pin it to view it later or find your parked vehicle.

Integrated Facebook, Twitter and Flickr let you share and store location photos.

We are pioneering Augmented Realty for our customers with leverage on 3D

Building AR into consumer applications instantly makes them more interactive and compelling to the end user. The possibilities are numerous: retail stores can have each product bring up facts and marketing information; real estate agencies can provide property information to mobile devices for anyone driving by; travel companies can identify nearby points of interest.

Augmented Reality apps merge the real world with extra data, so they’re a powerful branding opportunity. The element of fun encourages consumers to download, so they’re open to marketing messages and “gee whiz” functionality.


AR is streamlining entire industries.

Augmented Reality has been proven to increase engagement, boost safety, speed completion of tasks and greatly reduce errors. Our team helps you strategize the perfect approach, and guides your solution every step of the way.

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