Prepare for the Slow Phase

I have read and heard a lot of people ‘warning’ about the fast paced life of a startup. Asking everyone to prepare for a life where they will have no time for themselves, where they will need to work 18 hours a day, and will not be able to differentiate day from night. I feel people who take the road to entrepreneurship look forward to such a life. They are kicked by the idea of burning the midnight oil, working ‘passionately’ on their dream, things moving fast, fast, fast. Its like warning someone who loves adventure to prepare for the ‘thrill.’ How absurd is that.

But the real challenge for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur is the ‘slow’ phase. When nothing is falling place. Deadlines are missed, employees quit, the team is loosing motivation and you start questioning the very foundations on which you started this journey. I think thats the tricky phase. Thats the time when you have to push harder than any other time. Thats the time when you need to have that extra spoon of belief. Work a few extra hours. Keep moving patiently but not stopping. So if you are planning to take this journey I would suggest don’t worry about the fast,hectic pace. You will embrace it, love it, might even want more of it. But prepare for these slow phases and muster up all your courage and conviction to overcome these. Because when the going gets slow, the entrepreneur gets going.

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