Time on my hands

Porcupines probably don’t have to spoon after sex…

Short sentences are stupid.

Long sentences on the other hand are smart.

Short sentences are simple.

Long sentences often get complex but they communicate thoughts which engage the reader’s imagination.

Speak in short sentences.

Long sentences can be used to facilitate the process of thinking.

Some like short sentences.

While others prefer long sentences for they convey emotions that short sentences never can.

Here is my revelation.

Stop here and from the top, Isolate the short sentences and read them out loud.

You sound like a child.

Try and do the same thing now with long sentences and stop once you come back to this sentence.

I hate to say it.

You like reading long sentences better than you like reading the short ones.

Short sentences were necessary.

Long sentences have replaced them because they make you feel intellectually superior.

Don’t forget short sentences.

When you need them most, they will come to your aid once again.

You don’t believe me?

Then stay quiet until you don’t have a choice but to say something to someone out loud.

In between short and long sentences lies Medium.

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