One life, two births

The reborn man — The character in this story may sound similar to your favorite Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Except that the character KNOWS a lot of things.

He could see the world through another lens. A lot of times he had the same peculiar but disturbing feeling — the feeling of having seen some of the events in the past which are happening now. Feeling of knowing the reason for some of the current events. Somehow trying to connect the dots. Fabricating pattern of events and memory to deceive reality and his own imagination.

“Is it all for a reason… Is it meant to be like this, or am I just another cog in the giant wheel of this universe, with no special place of my own, being the ordinary, playing by someone else’s rules”, he often said this to himself. But then this thought would strike that even a cog can be imperative. He would recall the meaning of a cog. Someone or something that is functionally necessary but of small significance or importance within a larger operation or organization. If it is functionally necessary but with small significance, that poses another conundrum. Is the Will of the Creator superior or the Free Will of the spirit. Are we acting our parts according to a pre-written script or are we creating the story as it unfolds ahead of us, one step at a time. Moreover, are we easily replaceable (small significance) or are we indispensable in this whole scheme of events.

The events he experienced in his life, the dreams he saw, the people he met, the stories he learnt, everything kept giving him the same hint each and every time. Everything led to his realization that the time and space he is in now is ephemeral, transient and fluctuating. He has already seen another dimension in another time. He has already experienced the effect of several incidents happened ‘there’ in this current dimension and space. Could he change the present, and his future if he already knew how it all started? Or could he go back in time and change the events to create another parallel universe of his own? That sort of power is too perfidious for a common soul to embrace and use for his own good.

It was as if someone was knowingly and purposefully playing around with his mind. Was he being manipulated? Could it be a brilliantly executed master plan of another mortal? Or was it just another ripple in the excellent masterpiece of ever-flowing energy created by the Supreme Spirit.

Then someday out of all this randomness, reasons would start cropping up on their own, while he would be strolling around in the gardens of his empty mind. The mind is the creator of thought. And thought is the creator of reality. So its the mind that creates the reality for a spirit when it gets into a life form. And it is the intensity of desires that shapes those realities and transcends those desires beyond dimensions, beyond life forms, beyond space and time.

The mind also creates an amazing backup drive of all this reality when the life form completes its age. The soul, indissoluble as its nature is, leaves the old and gets into a new life form, partially unaware of this backup. When it gets access to all this information by ‘accident’, years or centuries later it comes back in the form of dreams, déjà vus, memory flash backs and even people you meet in your present life!

Amazed, perplexed, baffled and awestruck by the master scheme of things, he carried on with his menial chores after experiencing a certain calm inside his tempestuous mind.

No three eyed ravens were there in this story. No Jon Snow. Sorry I lied.

Thanks for reading though. If you liked it, there’s more to follow…