I attended a Search Inside Yourself session in 2017 and one activity in the session was to evaluate one’s core values. After pondering & introspecting for months, I finally had my list, which I am sharing below. The goal of sharing this is to provide some insight into who I am beyond the strategy decks, PRDs, and project meetings in my day to day work :)

I define “Principles” as those core values & beliefs that I live by, and if not adhered to, cause significant unhappiness and discontent within me. …

We got off the underground subway and stood on the escalator as it glided upwards. As we slowly broached the top, we saw the big letters imprinted at the top of the red structure — Plaza De Toros (the bull ring). Kamakshi & I had booked our tickets for this bull fight in Madrid two months in advance. We were thrilled to be there!

At the entrance, we proudly presented our tickets to the gatekeeper who let us in. The entry hallway was filled with black & white pictures of the men holding a cloth in front of the bull…

When I was a kid, there was a television commercial of a product (XYZ) which said something like “ if you love your kids, get XYZ for them.” The exact details of that commercial are blur to me but I remember exactly how my Dad mocked that commercial — "…if you love your kids….huh! Is that something that they need to say? Isn’t it quite obvious that all parents love their kids.”

My Dad was mocking the commercial, but he was smiling and was looking at me with care. …

People who made our trip worthwhile

Traveling is so much about people — people we meet, people whose talents we witness, and people who work behind the scenes to make others’ travel worthwhile. Below I am writing about such people who made Kamakshi’s & my Spain/Portugal travel beautiful.

1. The Flamenco Performers

The Flamenco dance performance at the Flamenco museum in Sevilla was hands down THE biggest highlight for me in Spain. Flamenco is a professionalized folk & music dance form of southern Spain. It comprises of guitarists, singers and dancers. …

I am in Spain, first time ever, and I hit the road with my wife, Kamakshi, in Barcelona today. We are yet to see the La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (the master pieces of Barcelona), but we did try to find our foot in the city by walking several miles.

Today was the day when we prepared ourselves for next two weeks— getting the vibe of the country, the language and the food. In short, we prepared ourselves for a liberation, the one that only comes from traveling to foreign land.

First day of travel is always special as…

source: startupstockphotos.com

A year out of my undergraduate school, I decided to quit my consulting job and start a technology company — ‘Novus Minds’ . I was 24. The idea was to build an e-payments platform that would enable mid-tier businesses such as educational institutes, whole sellers, etc. to accept cashless payments. In 2012, e-payments was still a big deal for average mid-tier businessman in India (it still is).

But less than a year after the inception, I decided to call it quits. Starting a company was hard, but putting it down was even harder. …

The book “When Breath Becomes Air” is an unfinished autobiography of Paul Kalanithi, a Stanford Neurosurgeon and a talented writer, who compiled this book in his final months battling with cancer. It’s a perfect amalgamation of medicine, philosophy & courage, and I would highly recommend it to everyone who is passionate about one or more of these 3 genres.

It was clear from the first few pages that this wasn’t a happy ending book, but the journey of his premature departure allured me towards the book. In the first half of the book, Paul describes how his search for the…

4 AM Mumbai Station. All 400 of us roared when a train approached the platform. That train was going to be our home for the next 15 days. Each 8ft*8ft*10ft compartment had to be shared by seven Yatris (participants), as we travelled 8000kms across India to meet inspiring leaders.

Where are you from?” I asked an American on train.

Main Bihar se hu” (I am from Bihar) he replied in Hindi. I was stunned to hear an American speak Hindi. I interrogated him and learned that he moved from NYC to start a non-profit in Bihar, India.

I met another…

Gaurav Nemade

Product Manager at Google AI. Love to introspect and write about thoughts and musings. Checkout my personal page at www.gauravnemade.com.

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