Invitation to join as Co-Founder of Pinslate at MICA Incubator

Entrepreneurship was never easy. When I took the decision to get into this, I was told by many about the difficulty that this process demands.

I feel I am still in the initial phase of my journey and it seems “good-tough going.

Startups require a lot of resources even in the early phase. Even though you don’t have any paying clients at first, you still need to look into Finances, Marketing, Operation and every day hassles. You either become an all rounder looking into all this or else you find someone who can take care. I don’t think that the latter is possible for anyone who is bootstrapped into the journey. I am a “Single Person Startup” right now with a developer who is helping me with the product development.

This is a post for an invitation for a fellow team mate who wants to be a part of this journey and share same responsibilities and excitement.

The profile I am looking for:

Product Guy/Tech Lead

You will be responsible for the Tech part and lead it from the front. You have to use all your brains and imagination and try to be creative whether it involves writing code or arranging a hackathon or being a growth hacker combining available tech tools. You think you can do the above using your skills and your networks we are ready to go.

What am I looking for?

1. Willing to work in the Education Technology Domain.

2. Motivated having Entrepreneurial Mindset and hard working.

3. Get the Work done attitude. I know we are not experts. But if you can get the work done anyhow we are ready to go. We can learn the stuff in our journey.

4. Prioritize work and task over equity and salary.

5. Willing to work on minimum/no salary in the initial days. You have to manage your own expense.

6. Multi-functional, Good learner.

7. The experience of working with a Startup or else have found one in the past.

8. A creative and fast learner with a mature thinking.

I am not considering the above qualities to be mandatory. The more, the better, the lesser no loss.

About the Product.

Pinslate is a Startup in the Education Technology Domain. We are currently incubated at MICA-Ahmedabad.

Pinslate stands at an intersection of Data and Recruitment in the Education Sector. We are a Startup which brings analytics to the core of each process in an Institution. We believe in the saying

The first phase of the product is live now with a limited feature. This is the 2nd iteration of the first step on Pinslate

We are in talks with people from Ed-Tech domain for Mentorship and Advisory Board (haven’t finalised any name as I believe that this should be the mutual decision of the founding team)

What didn’t worked in my previous attempt for the search?

Previously I tried using the reference from friends and networks, but it didn’t do much of help. I have got some leads mostly from freshly college pass outs but it didn’t go well. Some fellows were well versed, but I think I need someone more mature and who have previously built on a tech product. I do have several other names in my mind for marketing and operations while writing this post, but at this stage, I think we don’t need them. If the journey demands them in the future, I will be happy to approach those people.

I met few people personally and found out that they are more excited with the Startup “BUZZ” right now going out in the country and hence wants to join any Startup as a founding team member. In my opinion, people with this mindset will be the first one to leave the troubled ship.

And hence a “BIG NO” to these types.

Journey so far (Startup)

We have made it to the TOP 50 Startups out of 750 at Amrita TBI Pitch 2017.

Also were among the presenter at Pre-Pitch Off at Wired-Hub Jaipur. Was selected for VJTI 5 minutes million event.

The further push to make it to the final of any events and to roll the product into the market requires a team contribution.

Currently in a process to revamp the current version of the product after feedbacks regarding the functionality and the design layout.

Journey so far (Personal)

The journey till now required me to expand my horizon beyond several domains which I have never imagined of learning before. Writing is one of them. Learning new skillset every day is the other.

As someone closely associated with the Startup, we all know what it requires to take it to the next phase of the growth.


Building a product and a successful business is a long term process.

It’s like playing a TEST MATCH. There will be many T20 moments in the journey, but the journey in itself is very long.

Feel you can contribute to the growth, be a member who can share out the responsibility, hard work and get your hands dirty and willing to share your professional journey with me in the Education Sector you are invited to be the part of the founding team.

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