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Republishing my original post that I wrote for my blog:

Leader or leadership is a word which is casually used for boss or reporting manager or anyone in professional hierarchy above you. Does it really mean that ? In this post, I will talk about what actually leader means and what kind of attributes make one a leader, not just the position he or she holds. Being manager or boss is totally different than being a leader. To put it in simple way and to differentiate between both, I would say — Every leader is normally a manager or boss of someone or something, but every manager / boss may or may not be a leader. …

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Tips to setup free blog on your domain.

This is the republication of my original article at

Blogging is nice habit, if you like to share the skills, knowledge and your thoughts with wider audience. Sometime people blog just to keep their notes and thoughts handy, that is good too. I used to blog long back, somewhere from 2004 to 2007.

At that time, I had two blogs — one was Linux Kernel blog hosted on Blogspot and another one a personal blog hosted on Wordpress. Somewhere in 2008 I left blogging and just got occupied with other stuff in life — career, family, kids etc. …

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Key architectural and infrastructural considerations.

Republishing my original article that I wrote for my blog:

Today web apps are developed considering global user-base, so they need to scale fast without disruption, to serve global traffic. This post explores the architectural as well as infrastructural needs to scale any web app.

Brief history of web apps

Anyone who has worked in software development since last decade or so must have observed a drastic change in the way software is being built today. In early days of Internet, we had more of static websites and gradually taken over by what we used to call as dynamic websites backed up by a database. There was no concept of Web API’s, in memory databases or its likes, just a plain HTML website. In my view, the first real what I would call a dynamic website was a search engine or an online directory (yellow pages). Search engine would accept few keywords and return results at the click of a button. We had qualified a Search Engine as a more of a dynamic web app as it had some kind of logic sitting behind with a user interface at the front accessed via a browser. From that era of heavy backend logic apps, we are here where a significant amount of intelligent App logic is implemented on a front-end supported by majority of the frameworks / libraries in the present times along with backend — think of admin dashboards, web based e-mail clients, front-end of social network — all of these involve a lot of User Interface elements, several user interactions and UI changes as a result of those interactions. All this evolutionary phase for web development was so profound that it has almost replaced the need to have a Desktop enterprise Apps. …


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