Why the middle class finds it hard to pursue their passion?

A middle class family, where material wealth was once scarce. Then time showed the mirror of change. Necessities got acquired and then the basic luxuries. So now you can confess to be a proud bourgeois.

Now the future generations of such parents live a life of high hopes accompanied with concern. Initially, hopes share the greater portion. But later when they start understanding the complexities of the real world, fear creeps in.

Fear to lose what they already have.

Fear for the questions their parents will raise.

Fear to move along the risky maze.

Fear of what the others would have made.

On the contrary, the upper class and lower class have no fear. Former has an abundance of luxuries whereas latter has a dearth of necessities. Certainly this doesn’t guarantees anything. But still when the race towards passion starts, and if they are willing to compete. Unlike middle class, they have nothing behind them for which they should fear losing. Neither being on the edge make them uncomfortable, nor does the talks in society. Things are considerably easy after such relaxations.

Whereas the hard working middle class gets caught in the vicious cycle of life. Their fear starts dominating the mind. Future keeps them so entangled that the present keeps slipping from their hands. Soon after the passion is lost. Not only lost, but dead and the coffin buried in the depths of hell.

The pursuit of passion requires the capability to walk on the edge, the courage to sacrifice the lust of comfort and relentless effort. Above all, the fact remains same for all. If a person can adhere to these three qualities, nothing else does matter.