Running Inspiration

A recent contest by #100daysofrunning contest on Facebook asked for tagging your running inspiration and the reason they are your running inspiration.

It was one of those moment, when a name instantly pop’s up in your mind without any effort. It’s brings such a bright smile on your face. Yeah it’s non other than Sriram.

Without a moment’s notice, my mind was flooded with thought’s from all corner. Each one fighting to became the better reason for him to be the inspirations :P. Ranging from incredible person, altruistic, Manages extreme workload and running like a champ, Jolly nature , One who runs his heart out literally wadding through all the pain.

I know i am chaotic, but don’t worry in this battle field of inspiration. I got a clear winning reason.

Running is Soulful experience, meditations, makes us better person than we are. What makes it even more special is amazing friends we make and length’s one can go for them.

Well well enough of Gyan, now disclosure time for reason. He is an amazing soul Period.

  • Getting up at 3 am or 4 am for your training run is not easy, but getting up at 4am for my and Sara’s training everyday is 10 X or incredibly difficult, But he does it with such a wide smile and pleasure. Even so when we are in bunking mode, he motivates us to not skip. Tolerates our stupid habit of chitchatting on slow runs, enforce line running which we break to chitchat :P
  • Running total of 30 KM split in two training in a day , that too pace someone.
  • Spending whole night pacing a friend doing 220km at Bhatti Ultra with office looming over his head next day.
  • When someone asked him, why don’t you put effort to improve your PB. Reply:- I am not in running for being elite. I run for joy of running with you crazy peoples.

I can go on and on but let’s not embarrass him more, he is modest.

Thanks for being amazing.

And every person or runner is amazing in some or other ways. Our gang #RUFF and #DRG are full of such amazing person.

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