Revelation — 2016

I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything for quite sometime. But since, this is the end of the year, I just had a quick re-think. A moment of revelation, if you will.

2015 has been quite rewarding and a bit overwhelming (to say the least), professionally and of course, personally.

As I speak of the moment, the revelation. I sometimes talk to myself, trying, to understand the basic essence behind our existence? Time and time again, I have thought about, what does it matter? How does it matter?

Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. I have been through many phases. Some tougher than the most. Some, easy — peasy. But when we talk about tough phases, I eventually came through. Survived. Surviving. . . . .

We all are survivors.

Revelation — I decided, 2016 is the year, where I will try to help anybody or everybody around me. Encouraging them, helping them, any which way possible. Supporting someone, believing in someone is what matters the most. If you believe in someone, they might just make it through. Imagine the times, when you were stuck? No one to help you out, no one had your back? But you still made it. Not everyone can, or does.

It’s all about the desire not the means.

At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. For me, for now, it’s helping and inspiring people around me, to be the best of what they can ever be.

What about you? :)

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