Magic of Nature

Nature , Nature .. The Words itself gives feeling of refreshment.

Feeling of refreshment we usually take during visit to hill station or some green area

When we saw to mountains with snow on them & chilled breeze it gives immense satisfaction inside & we feel a kind of safety .

Its similar to when in childhood we felt in the lap of our parents safe , Happy & secure.

Everyone have good memories of childhood some one like cold breeze in sunshine , Someone like to play in rain etc .

As today we grown up defiantly some place try to remind us these child hood memories in some way.

The work which we do to help society , the work which give us happiness , the work which we do for other for no personal mean sometime it pay us back in form of good reputation , respect or money.

Similarly plantation also a service which we all should do in our life , These are much better investment for long term in fact hundred percent pay back in future.

Everyone must be noted generally the picture of tree used by many banks or investor

So they also linked money grow like tree it mean we have nature available for comparative only , because human can make which he saw some in past or somewhere seen then only creativity comes on paper . So it mean is clear we can think out of this earth.

We should invest directly in trees , If every one take simple pledge like before I die , I would like to plant Specific number of Trees.

It is way to do service and something for Nature from which we take so many things and in return nothing we are giving.

Even the Corporate & Companies of world must have one KPI to do specific amount of plantation not only in their company campus but in forest and near by region where it actual required in constellation with local authorities.

Everyone invest in Start up , Ever we heard any body invest it for plants or nature

Because the return are not visible so nobody invest, The return from plant no body see so no body interested to take initiative

Only these are decorative items in Flats but does it really fulfilled actual need of Human ?

Nature Vs Science

Now a days Nature getting attacked by new race of Globalization, In doing so we digging the earth and built mega structure and improve connectivity , But ever asked ourself who will left to use this connectivity and where we have to reach.

Nature & Science both are different principle of working

Science say opposite charges attract each other and Nature say same charge attract each other , Thats why parent love their own child only because DNA attract to own DNA .

And thats why when our own kids near to us we feel happy, safe & relax & vice versa.

There must be something which attract us towards nature what are similar between us & nature , We are made up of six main elements Carbon, oxygen , Hydrogen , Nitrogen,Calcium & phosphorous.

All these element only we get from nature or We can say we are Nature.

All confusion of words we get distributed in identification and we forgot our root of connection with Nature. Why we feel happiness to see sea shore , waterfalls and green grounds..

When we have all elements which need to survive and same in the trees & plants so it mean either we are more advance form of plants or we are one of them

All trees lean towards sun , Tide in Sea during Night because of moon similarly there are so many example in daily life which proved that human also react same. Our mood & behaviour also depand on them , Rain winter & summer all weather affect us in their own ways.

We are one of the part of nature like other thing on earth.

Nature Vs Ancient

Sometime it feel whatever teach us and ask us to follow are not all correct.

During development of civilization different languages get developed ,

We learnt many words & start using in our daily life which again reach to next generation after some filtration.

Animals usually fight for food & for their territory so it same you can see in human , Suppose they also develop method of money transaction between them One Loin giving Million Dollar for his ownership on particular state or for definite time period.

It strong believe communication getting filter day by day for next generation

In Ancient time during development of civilization one tool adopted to be seperate from animal by making give & take concept through money or mudra etc

Secondly we given name to each other and we start identification like this is tree , this is animal . It developed differentiation between each other .We forgot all have same composition of 6 Elements Carbon,Calcium oxygen, Hydrogen etc.

Due to this tool we start running in race who can collect more and we forget basic objective that it developed only to be live in civilized way .If someone would stopped to who so ever first time given suggestion about to put some limit then today must be we are in different world. It would be better if they developed limit on give & take for one person.

As generation changed the objective of give & take goes out of limit. Nobody knows how much need to survive without effecting nature.

When we first trade it must be wheat , Salt etc all this under earth/Nature custody we start digging & started selling to each other after that race began which till now continued.

It is concept like we are selling our one leg to our own hand , Now hand want more so it will sell head to legs. What is result it is round & round.

It seems temporary arrangement to be civilized & in doing so we are daily ruin the nature defiantly one day will come when it will finish nothing to sell or buy.

Today all basic raw material to manufacture metals like Alumini, Oil,Iron dig from earth & same get trade in world to keep & maintain our civilization cost. Till how many years it can be continued , may be another 100years what after that again we back to uncivilized.

It mean we are paying maintaince cost of civilization to each other

Human are insecure from ancient time which develop greed in them , Due to different weather condition human want to secure food in their caves, want to secure home from rain.

Family size get increased so oneself need more money & power to secure.

Gradually it become habit of human and run in race to collect more & more get started.

Now basic objective no where ….

So give & take factor might be responsible for today condition.

Now we live in urban world with all amenities and continue progress in Sky higher buildings on the cost of nature.

Does really we need gigantic Megastucture … We should reduce our demand and expectation.

All building & Infra just planned by considering money , Luxury & easyness.

In any Building planned no where mention how much nature will increase with sky high building.

We are in race to reduce distance travel from one point to another . There is no engineering only increase anyhow power generation on fuel consumption.

Why not generate power which can increase nature..

Big hotels & countries are happy by putting few plantation there & where but does it equal to what we ruined , No . That asthetic also just to increase tourist business which mean again money. There are no objective suppose tourist will visit & contribute to improve nature.

We are product of nature , We are part of it . We observe mountain ,Trees & say wow because we know there Name so we think these mountain ,Air Forest are not related to us because we live in home somewhere in Urban Area .

Real Fact are that Human are product of Nature

Suppose all these trees , Plant and Animal started interaction with us in that case competition more tough because for digging earth or to manufacture anything we have to pay charges to them .

World could be more balance because today we dominating on Nature and Nature can not speak anything thats why given us reply in form of earthquake ,Sunami flood etc .

It is very strange no one have right on earth but everybody in real estate doing trading of Land , may I know who has given right to us to do sale & purchase.

Does anybody have paper duly signed of earth. No , Unfortunatly Many people have no house to stay in this world ,Although they also product of Nature & in term of science we can made up of same composition like us those living in their big pant house ,Villas resorts etc .

Just because they were busy in cultivation so that we could make mega stuctures , But since other world living in Eco balance system and we named them Tribes.

In Actual they more intellectual and calculative since they only take from Nature that much actual requirement of human and to live.

It is strange we are searching in universe existing of life at other planets , We generally read news, At this planet we found hydrogen and symptoms of water , etc . There must be life so we are doing research. Huge funding use to do in these kind of mission.

Ever thing the planet which we called earth already we have first at least we care it then go to spend for other world , Why we need other planet , what we achieve suppose we get life at somewhere else then earth , all we shift there or we will do any trade agreement with them . In actual in doing of so many experiments we ruin our earth as wells as universe.

But it strong believe where ever they found Green and plants Human will be there . All other mineral , gases produce and required for human are from tree.

Nature vs Spiritual

India a land of different culture and religion In India Talking about trees and plants, they often grow and worship them in their home like Tulsi, Neem etc which also provide medicinal value for our daily lives.

In Hinduism various trees are associated with Gods and Goddesses and are worshipped accordingly with religious beliefs and also use for Medical remedies ,here listing some of the sacred trees which are commonly worshiped by Hindu population of India.

Peeple — Associated with Lord Vishnu

Neem- Vast Medicinal value and easily found through out the India. Disease like Pox easily treat with Neem

Banana Tree-Hanging leaves at door entrance considered very auspicious.

Mango Tree-Mango fruit loved by everyone in many countries. It also worshiped.

Coconut Trees-Coconut tree and fruit is a true gift of God and every bit of it is used for various purposes. Coconut is an expression of Goddess lakshmi

Bel Tree-It is very auspicious and worshiping Lord Shiva without Bel fruit and leaves is incomplete.

Ashoka Tree-Ashoka tree has a very respected place in Hinduism. It is also known as sorrow-less tree as Ashoka means no sorrows. The tree is associated with the God of love.

Generally in Daily life we follow experience given by our elders , Normally in corporate sector they follow best practice some time , So it mean somewhere we agree older was good and right.

Since if ancient people used to do worship of trees there must be reason behind it.

The reason was they are like our parents , They are like our god who feed us.

Now in New World we start keeping their leaves in our all good work so that their presence give us prosperity & growth.

Although we every one contributing some way to give back to nature but still the purpose of writng to reach to Mass , few Peoples those live in farmhouse or flat use to do plantation as hobby why not they take responsibility of one area/forest and plant no of trees and give on Annual maintence contract and monitor the performance ,

There must be monthly magazine in which name of big business people or common people should print and circulate to all over world about their contribution to show to Like Title X worth of Y$ Mn invested in Trees and plants and project taken care by X company.

It will motivate and along with they can do advertisement of their business.

Although there are many method can innovate to care the nature , but the Main agenda are now we have to be really serious about it and must to take some steps

The Earth Revolve around the Sun as well as at own axis , the Purpose of revolution could not reveal , But it seems on the principle of Do the work don’t expect results it can be good or bad.

On same concept we are human being are working , every living being has to do some activities then only survival possible.

In actual all human being depend and live on same compositions and all are same