Materiality Principle

Transitioning from things belonging to people
To a world of people belonging to things
Monstrous, majestic, materialistic joy
Enshrouding all trouble that it brings
Phones to fill up phony dates
Tablets to eradicate pains of books
Surreptiously substituting simple hearts
With filtered images and bogus looks

Unembellished, unblemished, uncorrupted child
Falling in feverish frenzies to feed
Suave, savvy, sexy girl
Forging filial links with greed
Maquillage masked manufactured memories
Tousled by tattletales true
Eyes once windows to a soul
Are mere mirrors reflecting you

Witnessing factitious faces
False accents, breasts, birdbrained broods
Newfangled, narcissistic net of friends
Bursting with bumptious, juicing dudes
Bodily bros, bawdily adjusted
Bizzare botheration keeps increasing
Woefully wasted for respite
Amongst materially altered jigsaw pieces