PortalAR: Part 1

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks experimenting building Augmented Reality (AR) applications, and I’m excited to share one of my ideas in this article! Read on to hear about my inspiration, trends in AR, and what PortalAR is, enjoy!

Why Build an AR Application?

One of the main reasons I’m building AR applications is to get software development skills, which I can hopefully apply to bigger things in the future, on my journey to become a world-class AR developer. I really want to do big things in the space, and starting with small applications looks like one of the best options to get involved.

Augmented reality is also the future. Another reason I’m building in AR is because its a huge part of the future, having applications in education, medicine, entertainment, and many more. We see a fast approaching — if not already past — inflection point of AR with companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google investing billions of dollars in the space. So, I decided to get involved fast and follow my throbbing fascination for this amazing space.

What am I working on?

When looking into current uses of augmented reality and some of the big hits, I noticed a large hotspot in AR portals, most notably Snapchat’s Stranger Things (pictured above) and Starman portal filters.

A really cool portal application that served as a large inspiration as well was 8ninths’ Rainforest Garage app, which has the user creating their own portal with a blowtorch, which leads to an animation-packed rainforest. Rainforest garage not only entertains the user by what comes out of the portal, but allows the user to create the portal themselves — pretty cool!

The application I’m working on, PortalAR, is hoped to be a combination of AR portals out there, where a user encounters multiple environments through a portal, which the user is able to interact with. I can’t wait to update you on my progress, and stay tuned for a part 2 with a demo and my building process!

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