Python Resources: Getting Started to Going Full Stack

Python is one of the most used languages for programming today. Whether you are starting out with the basics of programming or if you want to build a full stack web app or a smart machine learning algorithm, Python is a great language that will you seamlessly implement your solution. Check out some really useful resources below that will get you started on your journey or assist you on your path.

Learn python in Y Minutes

Python 3.7 new features

Flask — Full Stack Python

Django — Getting Started with the Python Web Framework

Beautiful Soup — Web scraping in python

An easier way to use pygame

A simple Pythong GUI Library.

Developing a Single Page App with Flask and Vue.js

Python projects — Modules — Code Club

What are small projects to build for a beginner in Python? — Quora

awesome-python — A curated list of awesome Python frameworks

Data streaming in Python: generators, iterators, iterables | RaRe Technologies

Use coupon FBFREE18 and get 100% discount on Python course at udemy. Here is the link for the same

This is a Python/Django based event management system. A meetup clone.

Invent with Python

Game obstacles

Scientific Python in the Browser

Open Source Python Game Agent Framework

PySpark- Transformation & Actions

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