My life….

First chapter…

It must be 22nd or 23rd December 1994, Prithvi confronted father on why there are no pics with his mother till he was about 5. this question he has been asking for lot years. Reply from dad (who he loved) that maybe it is maybe the right time and asking this question has made it easier for him to explain. He was told that Prithvi comes from first marriage hence no pics till 5. Prithvi enquired if his first mother is alive or dead. Dad said she is alive as they had divorced. It was love marriage to a Sikh and then there were compatibility issues. Prithvi was very upset cried a bit and had two options…

First was to create division in family or stay put as within fraction of second Chotu has become stepbro, so he starts to be more careful in dealing with ma especially. As in past he had rude to her lot of time saying you are not my mother, unknowingly.


Boards came n was interested in HM so with difficulty. Dad gave him an option of buying a bullet or college fee. Fee was the answer, it was an achievement for a boy to get in college on merit as oppose to everyone’s thinking. Being introvert he got into shell. First year was tough as was getting used to staying without parents. FNB faculty was great but Prithvi had ego issues with him. P didn’t want to wish out fear hence he never wished faculty . P failed in FnB by .5 marks, it was eye opener and time to keep ego down. So first year goes by and now got in 2nd year student. Juniors have come and there is cute girl – Rubina. P best mate likes her or has a soft corner but P too has a crush on her.

I will continue to add other stories about my life


Another low point I want to blame everything on not been able to save money and had a discussion with wife on it is my failure that I have not been able to give her any comfort. I believe in Krishna to help me cross the bridge of life and restore confidence in me to live happily. I just pray that I die tonight. He takes me — Hare Krishna.