Positive Attitude will Never Ever let you down!

I heartily welcome you all again at medium.com!

I am writing on medium.com after many days. There were many reasons that worked as stopper in my blogging journey. I was almost broken and I had no other choice for that. This is my very first blog and I sacrificed everything for this to make reputation in blogosphere; Today I won’t count my hard work that I did in past to improve its SERP, Alexa, SMO and everything. You all know me.

You might ask why I have chosen “Positive Attitude will Never ever let you down!” as title of this post.

I’ve chosen because I experienced it.

Today I haven’t searched any keyword, any backlinks and any DA & PA of competitors to rank this post in Google. Whatever I am writing today that comes from my past incidents and obviously from core of my heart.

What STOPPED me?

I never thought about this incident. My Blog was going fine those days. I was working on various micro niche websites along with My Blog and also I was handling few freelancing SEO works of my clients. Suddenly I found sites were not opening and the result was someone had attacked on root of Hosting server and deleted all websites. I was really in Hell. I was unaware of such incidents for three days because I was on trip to Udaipur and MountAbu with college friends & teachers.

I came and contacted hosting (Obviously HostGator), they restored it through backup and after two days again they attacked on my root and did same thing. I requested my host again and the most shit things that my hosting company did was they written blank database over blank (I don’t know what the thing is!).

After this incident, I was totally in Hell!

I asked few online friends for help and they helped me as per their reach. Now I have hadn’t any backup stored anywhere. It was like mountain fallen on me. Along with my website issues, I was also getting pressure from college because I was lacking in final year minor projects, seminar, report, etc. My parents and few close friends shown sympathy and motivated to start again. well, these kind of problems come in everybody’s life. I always consider to learn before or after the incident that’s why we’re providing Digital Marketing Course to help bloggers and digital marketers in their journey.

Third week from last attack was RAY OF HOPE!

Three weeks later, I got mail that I had backup of March — 2012 that I stored while renewing my hosting account. I can’t express the power that I got after getting such mail. After that I was recharged. Now I downloaded that backup and I asked one of my best online buddy (Vishnudath) to help me restore my database. He gave his precious time and helped me to set up my websites.

Still I hadn’t complete database, now I called friend from my hostel (Ankit Jain) and (Sandeep K. Dan) for capturing database from WayBackMachine and Google Cache. They helped me whatever they could do. After that My Blog was up. This incident was a learning chapter of my life.

During the complete scenario, I was positive and getting motivated by meeting positive people. You know I am only blogger in my college that has something to show. This incident got spread like a fire in forest in my college, hostel and other places where my friends used to spare time.

Books & Videos that gives Positive Energy

  • Last Life Changing Seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari (Video)
  • The Secret (Video)
  • The Magic (Another version of The Secret)(Book)
  • The $100 Startup (Book)
  • How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company! (Book)
  • Youth!Arise!Awake! (Pack of Books)
  • Count your chickens before they hatch (Book)
  • Wings of Fire (Book)
  • Discover the Diamond in you (Book)

So this was my story. After that I started various in-house niche projects. I won’t be able to share my thoughts regularly at My blog, but I’ll publish one or two contents each week and time to time.


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