My journey to the truth

I think the best way to start with this is that I am a human.We don’t need to point out what being a girl or a boy is (it’s pretty obvious).

This is my story :

I was born in the wrong body and I always felt girly but never acted on it so I pretended to be a guy as best as I could. Let me tell you about my story .I am a girl , but I was born as a boy . I have always felt like I was in the wrong body . As a toddler I preferred to play with doll rather than car .I was attracted to dolls , I was attracted to my mom’s makeup , female dresses .It has been a very personal struggle for me . I was suffering from depression and anxiety for years . I was so innosent that I used to think that god will make me a girl with magic . I used to dream I woke up as girl .I used to cry at night why I am like this ? why I am not comfortable as a guy and many times wanted to end my life . When I grew up I started trying out my mom’s dresses , mom ‘s makeup . I loved it so much that I felt like a princess . Later on after seven years I came to know that I have gender dysphoria .

It took me seven years to accept who I am .I am happy to accept myself who I am . I may look like a guy but that doesn’t change the way I feel or think inside .Gender dysphoria isn’t a choice.A lot of people think being different is a bad thing. They might judge you for being different or not fit in. But being different is beautiful. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with it .

Everyone transitions in their own time! Transitioning doesn’t have to take place all at once, or even all at one point in your life. It is a process, and one that can take anywhere from years to decades!



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