Happy new year : once again they said.

As the clock tells its 12:00am on 1 Jan 2016, I ponder upon how many new years it has been and how every new year has changed me every time.

Every year its a ‘Happy’ new year. But as I dig deep I find out that every new year has a type.

Type 1: Happy ones

The new year where you feel thankful to all that has happened and hope that all goes well this year. You try and remember all the happy moments you can remember and feel good about whatever happened and tell yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Type 2: Actually happy ones

These new year’s are rare. Things seem almost perfect like it was meant to be. You are with your loved one, or with your family. You feel fulfilled and cheerful for all that god has given you and never want this moment to end. you almost resist change and would do anything to cease this moment.

Type 3: The purposeful new year

This new year you can barely sleep when the clock hits 12 or wake up early in the morning with a million thoughts. You are content with where you are but want to make it large this year. You feel the purpose that drives you surrounding you all the time. The people in your team make you feel stronger than ever. You understand that this is just not going to be a ‘Happy’ new year.

Being in AIESEC for almost 3 years now, every year has been a purposeful year. Its 3:00 am in the morning and I ponder deep, how many lives will I impact this year?

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