How to start writing blogs for junior developers?

Document vs Create: Many of you must’ve heard of or maybe someone has told you that you should start writing blogs and posts regularly but the problem with that is you haven’t done anything or even if you have it is not enough to keep you going.I mean how much can you talk about something that you have worked on once.I think not forever.

During early stage of writing when you have just started don’t focus on creating content. If you can then this post is not for you if you can’t then keep reading ,remember you are just a beginner and no one expects you to start blurting out beautiful and wonderful blogs that everyone will just love.

You need to get your story straight: Now as a beginner you should focus more on documenting and distributing rather than spending too much time thinking on something that you have little or no view on. By double-D(documentation and distribution) you will know how to keep writing everyday .

Documentation: Write about what your plan for the day is, What is your current end goal and how you plan to achieve your end goal, What is after your end goal. Break it down to pieces and work on it everyday. This will keep you focused and your readers informed which are none yet.But that’s not the point right now.The main problem with writing is that you don’t know how to begin and even if you have you don’t have much to keep going.By documenting your thoughts and plans everyday you have infinite supply of content that you can write about everyday unless you have a very boring life and you don’t do much .Sure no one is interested in reading what you are doing right now or maybe some people are but remember the point is to get you started. With this you got something to write everyday.

Distribution:Now for the attention you should improve your feed from your sources like twitter , facebook , instagram , youtube and the most important etc. So now you have your feed according to your interest, check it regularly and share what you find worth reading on these platforms.Remember you are not doing it for the views or the likes right now.Just share and if you find something amazing try to about it.

Forming an opinion:One thing that you can do is go to the comment section and find those who are against your views. That is the best place to start. Present your thoughts in front of them and try to prove your point but don’t be all aggressive and rude just try to show your point of view. Most of them will agree and most of them won’t.Again that’s not the point you need to get what’s in your mind in front of people and that’s how as a writer you will grow. You will hear the other side of the story and maybe who knows you may end up changing your point of view.This one is important.Remember your opinion on anything will be the one thing that will separate you from the crowd. So don’t be in a rush to jump to the conclusion. Try reading the same story from different news outlet. Make your case .Now you have an opinion about that thing go ahead and shape it in to words.

In my opinion talking to people who contradicts with your views is the best way to form an opinion on something.

Remember if you want someone to listen to you the best way to do is not by arguing but by asking questions.

I hope it helps you guys and will love to hear from you guys about what you think.And for a little extra help watch this video:

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