Quantum Computing is one of the key domains of research nowadays in which the atomic movement with electrons and protons are done.

The researchers can take this topic for their research on following

  • Security
  • Integrity
  • Cryptography


Many times, there is need to concatenate and analyze multiple data frames in Python.

Suppose we have Three different Excel Sheets in which same type of attributes are there. From these excel sheets, the data can be imported to data frames and then analysis can be done.

Following are three different MS Excel Sheets of attendance of the candidates. From these sheets, we have to check whether a candidate attended all sessions or not

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Multiple Excel Sheets for Comparison

Following is the Python Code to check whether a candidate is is present in all sheets

import pandas as pd

df1 = pd.read_excel (r’Book1.xlsx’) df1 =…

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Thread synchronization: Mechanism to ensures that two or more concurrent threads do not simultaneously execute some particular program segment known as critical section

Critical section refers to the parts of the program where the shared resource is accessed.

Issues in Synchronization

Race Condition: Occurring of a condition when two or more threads can access shared data and then try to change its value at the same time. Due to this, the values of variables may be unpredictable and vary depending on the timings of context switches of the processes.

Traditional: Without Synchronization

import threading

x = 0

def increment_global():


Method 1: Generating .EXE using PyInstaller

Install PyInstaller in Anaconda Prompt. Then Execute the Python code with pyInstaller as follows:

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Method 2: Generating .EXE using AUTO_PY_TO_EXE

Virtualization is the use of virtual machine that can virtualize the greater part of the equipment assets, including processors, memory, and network availability. With the virtualization, physical equipment assets can be shared by at least one virtual machines. According to the necessities from Popek and Goldberg, there are three perspectives to fulfill the virtualization. To start with, the virtualization ought to give an identical domain to run a program contrasted with a local framework.

To comprehend virtualization, hypervisor ought to be addressed first. Hypervisor empowers correspondence amongst equipment and a virtual machine so that the virtualization fulfills with this deliberation…

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Problem: Return correct change using a minimum number of coins. Coins [Indian Currency] will be used with following denominations: 50 Paisa, 25 Paisa, 20 Paisa, 10 Paisa, 5 Paisa

Greedy Choice: Coin with highest coin value

A Greedy Solution

The amount owed = 75 Paisa.

The change is:

75–50 = 25 1 Coin of 50 Paisa

(Remaining 25)-25=5 1 Coin of 25 Paisa

It means that Two coins [50 Paisa and 25 Paisa] will be used in this solution.

The basic method of finding the change of coins is to Subtract the Amount with the Largest Coin Available and keep…

With the impact of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), there is lockdown at many locations. Software Testing is one of the key domains where the Work From Home (WFH) can be done. In this segment, the software applications including mobile apps are tested and the remote professionals are paid very good by the companies.

Any person can join these platforms in free and can get earn good amount

Following are the portals from where the work can be taken and payments are received in Dollars

1. UserTesting


2. Respondent


3. Userbrain


4. TestingTime


5. TryMyUI


6. Userfeel


7. Userlytics


8. IntelliZoom


9. Validately


10. uTest


11. Loop11


12. Enroll


13. test IO


14. Intuit User Research


15. Checkealos


16. PingPong


17. Ferpection


18. UserCrowd


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While open sourcing a project, a license should be taken so that the distribution, linking, modification, private use etc. can be assigned

Open source licenses help others to contribute to your work or project without seeking special individual permission to do so

GNU GPL License

  • Copy the Software: There’s no limit to where you can copy that code. Copy it on your own server, on your client’s server, on your local workstations, wherever and howsoever many times
  • Distribution: You can distribute it in your thumb or hard drives, you can distribute the code under this license with a download link…

This article gives the basic idea of the Search Engine Optimization and Job Opportunities in India as well as Global Software Industry. Almost all companies hire Specialists in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize their web applications which provide them a strong place in the online software industry.

Moreover, lot of freelance work is also available in this field where a thick packet of currency can be acquired by using a computer with an internet connection. Many companies give the assignments on freelance/contract basis to SEO Experts. Today, the SEO industry in India is getting high place in global market…

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