How to Convince People ?

Imagine Convincing a Female — its very tough :-)

Persuading people require some preparation. Be it Us or Our Product

Here are 5 steps to get ready to win over anyone.

Have Empathy

  • Be in someone’s shoes to understand Pain points & Goals
  • Interact with them, Survey them, Read about them with Zero Bias

Know Comfort Zone

  • People enjoy doing what they have done in past
  • List down their weaknesses, existing activities and egos
  • Try to keep it simple, consistent and honest

Build Consensus

  • People Like who compliment them or cooperate with them
  • List their interests, spot mutual interests and anchor on higher meaning
  • Don’t be shy to Park your ego & Nurture their ego

Build Credibility

  • People do get influenced by brand, credible backing and tags
  • Showcase your expertise, back them with facts & knowledge
  • Leverage Social Influence or peer pressure

Give Back

  • People crave for rewards in any form
  • Give Back More of What People Have Less or Scarce
  • Be it — Monetary, Glorification, Power or Ownership
  • Focus on How you give them back — Be unpredictable

To Design Sticky Ideas, New Behaviours — Learn an art of persuasion.

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