Life, Struggle and Thoughts

Everyone faces obstacles and they do struggle in life, in saying struggle I mean struggle of any kind.
Life is not that easy that everything you will get by your will and desire.
Sometimes you don’t get what you want at that moment, but later on you will realise that it was good that you didn’t get at that time. This is the basic principle of life that is better things are might be kept for your future.

It is quite often said that whatever happens , happens for good only. There might be some hidden logic and rationality. So don’t get sad and furious over your present events, instead try to still move on with your life, goal, vision and direction.

It happens quite a time that you would feel what is this, I am not worth this and that….. but these are the thoughts that will hold you back and if you continue, then these thoughts would act as a spring to reach to your goal.

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