When you have to move on…finally

We all know that there is a kid or less mature character in each of us and we love that character. We always console ourselves by saying that this carefree person will never come our way and he will disappear anytime we want him to. but the truth unfolds when the moment comes and we have to suffer because of that “Immature kid” inside us.
All of us have fallen in love at least once in our lives. However It has become very common these days, to love, to consummate and to leave. There was a time when leaving someone after making physical relationships with them was considered as a wrongdoing. But now, both the sexes have mutually agreed upon their mutual needs and preferences.
People have realised that there is nothing beautiful in stretching a relationship just for the reason of being in a physical relationship with someone, as having sex is not a big deal. They understand the great difference between love and lust, so they choose to enjoy the pleasures even if they are getting them from two different person. This somehow brings peace to their inner self as wounds in love takes a longer time to heal.
What I am going to discuss today is not about the modes of relationships or how to conclude a relationship, but it’s all about how a person feels when suddenly he has to switch his personality from a carefree person to mature one. By the time , you all have realised that such kind of transformation is only possible in the case of love, true love.
I think that the hardest thing is to change the attitude which you’ve always carried along.The days, the nights , every moment you have lived with your dear person has a story , a deep remembrance which you can only embrace once your interaction with that person ends up slowly. But the slow poison comes to one’s life when he has to learn living his life without his loved one. It’s really requires a hell of mental power to surpass these heartaches.
It feels like as now we are the only one responsible for our activities, we individually has to look upon all our desires and wishes. It feels even more killing when we realise that we cannot blame the other person for the difficulties coming our way. At that time, we learn to embrace what we have. Memories become our most intimate partner with whom we can travel anywhere, experiencing anything.
Perhaps that’s the essence of love. Love never completes, it always leaves the space for something more. Love also means to settle for the maximum peace. If your lover is happy with her life or without you, then let them be. By disturbing them, you can never feel the divinity of love.